Flight Review: Bangkok to Hong Kong on Thai Business Class

Flight Info



28 JUN 2015

1830 – 2215 (2h45m)


Seat: 12K; 11K


Having just got off BR68 from LHR, I headed to the Royal Silk Lounge for a shower and then a massage in the spa. Then I stayed in the lounge in Concourse D awaiting for the boarding of my flight. The food offering in the lounge is good and in good variety. The only complaint is the lack of alcoholic beverages available unless in the bar and that there was no bubbly – but bubbly once on the plane, so no complaints!

Headed to the gate quite early but the gate was packed with tourists already. When we were asked to queue up, ground staff was effective in making sure only business class and Star Gold passengers queue up for priority boarding, unlike in HKG where the Marco Polo boarding lane is somehow longer than general boarding.

I boarded through L2 so I can turn left towards the front cabin of the flight.


Settled comfortably into my seat and scrolling through the IFE.
Pre-take off Oshibori
View from my window


Obligatory Champagne Shot!

Safety demonstration on PTV


The Service

Only one cart in for service for the whole flight. Makes sense because the load factor is a bit under 50%. The pair of seats I was in (12H & K) is the only pair with two passengers and I saw 11H & K free so I asked whether I could move there. Cabin crews happily obliged so now everyone at least gets two seats to them!

The pattern of service is that the two crews with a cart going through the left aisle from front to back then the right aisle from back to front. That means, I am the last to be served. But no worries – life is good!

The snack is so good that I asked for a second helping,
Rum with Coke and Sparkling Water with Lime for me. The glass is so small though… Thai can afford to be a hell lot more generous with the drinks.
Evidently picked the wrong side of the plane…

Dinner Service:

Starter: Crab Salad with Smoked Salmon.

Note the pot of soy sauce on my tray – that’s for my book the cook main course.

The salad looks good and tastes good. Thumbs up!



I asked whether I could have two garlic bread, the FA told me I could have all the bread I wanted, and proceeded to give me two garlic bread and one of each for the other varieties they have. Again, perfect. I like the pretzel shaped bread most – not very salty and goes very well with butter.


White wine: This French white wine is one of the best I have had, and the FA’s wine knowledge is excellent. Great pairing with the starter.


Book the Cook Main: Cantonese Roast Duck wit Rice and Chinese Greens

The BEST dish I have had on a plane EVER. The portion looks small but there are two layers of duck so you are guaranteed to be full after that. The rice is slightly burnt but goes very well with the duck. If I have to be really picky, I would say I would want the rice in a bowl rather than on the dish, but small problem.


Fruit plate: I enjoyed the selection of fruit. Was about to complain the portion but … (see below).


FA came round and asked – sir, would you care for some Port? I said why not. Not a fan of port myself, but the service is very proactive and thus deserves credit!


Loving the two screens! Nearly home but I would not mind another hour on the plane stuck with a comfy seat and funny Big Bang Theory.


Post dinner oshibori. I was wondering why they haven’t taken away the table cloth… Umm…


Aha – dessert! Chocolate pudding. I asked for a hot chocolate to go with it and the FA was quick. Perfect conclusion to a dinner.


The bed in its sleeping mode – quite comfortable I must say! I asked for a second helping on the hot chocolate and it again came quickly.


The noise cancelling headphone.IMG_0139

Approach to HKG

Verdict and Conclusion

For a short-haul flight, I have nothing to complain, really. The flight was excellent and I was happy at the end of the flight.

Dinner: was perfect. From the starter to the dessert, I finished everything, even the bread. The portion was in good size, the selection of food was simple and the pace was good, e.g. the dessert came around 30 minutes after the fruits to give time for digestion.

Service: was excellent. I was never addressed by name despite being Star Gold, but ‘sir’ would do for me. I liked the personal service and that the cabin crew is quick to serve. I was a bit disappointed about the service pattern (no one likes to be served last!) but the cabin crews were really quick, so being served last was not any trouble at the end (well, I was served first on the bread!)

Seat: was excellent. It was not private but it was comfortable and the openness of the seat allowed me to see all the actions of the flight! Bulkhead was good but the PTV can be a bit ‘economy-class’ sized.

IFE: was good. Good selection and good system to navigate. Nothing extensive, though.

Lounge in BKK: was good.

Overall: the flight was excellent. I would highly recommend Thai and it was miles well spent for me. Greatly compensated on the not-so-good service from EVA the previous flight.


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