Flight Review: Frankfurt to London Heathrow on Lufthansa Economy

Flight Info


4 JAN 2015

0650-approx 0900 (delayed due to London ATC)

Seat 11F


Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge FRA

So I just disembarked the LH flight from HKG. The breakfast on board was not the best so I decided to quickly grab something to eat on my way to the gate. Connecting time is only a bit more than an hour.

Arrived at the lounge and quickly showered too! (I am still amazed by how I managed to squeeze in a shower)

Looks horrible but just because I was rushing (did not know of the delay yet)


A cup of Latte


Too early in the morning, I was the only one in the lounge from the moment I entered to the moment I left.



No priority on this flight and we are headed to the outer bay – oh freezing cold!



View from my seat… The ATC delay took us through the sunrise. Experience last year – sun would rise on landing not departure. A massive delay as you can see.



But the delay also treated me to some good views…


Onboard offering: some sort of cereal – no need to ask for more for this short hop


And a cup of tea always does the trick!


Verdict and Conclusion

Maple Leaf Lounge FRA

“Very good” Breakfast spread quite good and the shower was very good. Staff was polite and it helps being the only one in the lounge. Wished I had more time in the lounge for more elaborate experience.

Lufthansa FRA-LHR

An okay flight. The delay was not great but Lufthansa was not to blame. London was too foggy.

Catering: was fine. Again, nothing to write home about.

Service: was fine. Rushed service, as expected.

Seat: was fine. Leather seat but cushion not very good support and recline minimal. But, short-haul flight, so should not complain, really.

Overall: was fine. Pretty obvious, no?



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