Flight Review: Hong Kong to Frankfurt on Lufthansa Premium Economy

Flight Info



3 JAN 2015

2320-0530+1 (13h 10m)

Seat 24K


Check in

I am a Star Alliance Gold member, so when I arrived at HKG, I was looking for the Star Gold sign and saw that I was entitled to First Class check-in – classy!


Check in was no problem – I had luggage issue last year (23kg restriction per bag) so I made sure that I would not go over the stated limit this time round! What can I say? Was a success!

Lounge: Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge, near Gate 15

My favourite lounge to date… Perhaps because it is my home port and the staff recognises me?


Wine list from the bar: the bar being a much valued addition to the lounge since its renovation


Morning Glory to begin my journey to Europe…


Productivity pod: really good for privacy and working. I worked for quite a while given the late night. One thing to note, this is the Star Alliance lounge in HKG that does not have windows of any sorts. But at night, the lounge is very well-lit, so not really a problem.


My selection tonight… I do have quite a sweet tooth. Ice cream was very good (of course!) and the other dessert is… just fine…


A glass of white wine while I wait for my snack…


The snack being… not this… very good canapé from Singapore Airlines though, I must say


Shrimp wontons noodles (work in progress, evidently!)



Sadly, the time in the lounge has to end because of boarding… More detailed lounge review to follow soon when I pay another visit in January!

FID displays – can you spot my flight? Gate 66 today – so a very long walk (not a fan of the commuter)


Some festive cheer despite Christmas being up and away already!



Priority boarding given to Star Gold members. Boarded in no time.

The Flight

Quite a big PTV


View from my seat


Obligatory legroom shot – look at the space for water bottles – appreciated that for this long haul flight! I am quite tall so the PEY extra really helped!


Pre departure beverage – some sort of mixture of orange and mango juice… Or is it just orange juice? The memory escapes me…


A full flight today – every PEY seat occupied and same for EY. Huge problem! The PEY cabin is not an exclusive cabin on the Boeing 747-8i – it is between the front and rear EY cabin. I was rather disappointed, having paid to premium to fly PEY.

Pre-dinner cocktail: Sparkling Wine and Sparkling Water – it is all about the bubbles!


Drinks list:


Menu for tonight: I went for the Linguine option.


Supper was fine. I finished it but nothing to write home about. The chicken was quite dry to be perfectly honest – but my teeth still strong! Cake was the definite highlight.


Post-dinner Baileys: after tray was collected, Baileys and Port were offered to those who want some.


Judgement time: how long did I sleep? I slept a good 8 hours. Woke up and we are well into Europe by then (or Central Asia), whatever – just far far away from Hong Kong! Seat was comfortable, that’s for sure.


Then slept for another 1.5 hours. I am doing pretty well on a long haul flight. Was a good night.


The crew refilled the bottle for me (wouldn’t mind a new bottle, though)


Breakfast: went with the Chinese option. Apparently, the Chinese option is the same across all classes (?) – so feeling pretty okay. Across the PEY products I have tried, Lufthansa’s PEY catering is the most consistent with the PEY branding. BA and CX would happily serve you what they serve in EY. So well done!

Portion a little bit small but it helps seeing a more elaborate plate than EY passengers


Pre-arrival mints


On time arrival and everything so a good flight.

Verdict and Conclusion

Singapore Airlines Lounge in HKG

Impeccable. Wow. Amazing. Attentive staff who really makes an effort to serve from the heart. Food offering a little bit sub par but understandable as HKG being an out port. Alcohol offering is, I think, better than CX’s Business lounge, if not similar. “Excellent”

Lufthansa’s PEY Product

A very good offering: certainly a welcomed addition to the fleet. I did not pay that much of a premium given I left on a peak season. I paid what I paid last year for EY, so no complaint.

Catering: was very good. Nothing to write home about. A very good drink lists and consistent catering. The seafood noodle for breakfast was really excellent, compared to the uninspiring offering for supper. Portions are on the small side, but all the little extras due to PEY are very welcomed. Liked the glassware in particular.

Service: was very good. Attentive crews who are proactive. One thing I like is that they did not wake us up too early for breakfast – which is really helpful for me to stay awake later in the day for work and unpacking. Efficiency, I think, puts Lufthansa on the edge. Elaborate and quick service really maximises sleep time.

Seat: was excellent. Got a good night of sleep. Cushion provides very good support. Only complaint is that WHY ON EARTH IS THE PEY CABIN IN BETWEEN THE EY CABINS

IFE: was good. Easy to navigate but collection limited.

Ground service in HKG: was good. Quick and no trouble. Nothing more than that though.

Overall: was very good. Only thing to complain, really, is the lack of exclusivity and privacy for Premium Economy.



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