Flight Review: Nagoya to Taipei in Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

Flight Info



26 DEC 2014

1650-1920 (3h 30m)

Seat 30K



As I completed my Christmas trip to Japan, I arrived at Chubu Airport to fly home via Taipei. Upon arrival, the check in staff told me that my seat was taken by someone else by mistake (my original seat would have been 39A) and the best she could offer me was a bulkhead in the middle. As an aviation geek as I am, I asked for another window seat but they are all taken… So we were getting nowhere with the check-in staff because I wanted my window seat and the station manager came by and told her to upgrade me to Premium Economy where there is a bulkhead window seat empty. Of course I was very happy – the check in staff remained apologetic though…


After the check-in fiasco, there was not much time for me to explore the airport prior to boarding. When I arrived at the gate, the Marco Polo line was already full of people and I was better off with the general boarding queue. Fine by me and here I went and boarded the flight.


Sunset on the way, just out of Nagoya


Noise Cancelling Headset – probably the only PEY perks for short-haul: no champagne on boarding and no better meals (as you can see below)


Bulkhead PTV – just very good, nothing to tell home about though. Typical CX offering, really!


The meal was good, though I doubted it was loaded in Nagoya. The pineapple pie gave it away – best guess was that it was loaded in Taipei. Nothing much to inspire – a bit disappointing for PEY, but I was upgraded, so no complaint!


Post-dinner drinks: the crews were very proactive in offering beverages to passengers – thumbs up. But thumbs down for the wine – was very cheap and tasted bad!


Leaving Japan…

I was still hungry, though, so I asked for more pineapple pies – my favourite snack, actually. Also asked for a letter set – yeah, I am the old-fashioned kind who still writes letter.


To take the awful wine smell off my mouth, a sparking water. Rare to see the whole can being offered, but I guess, being seated in PEY helps.


Approaching TPE…


Night view on approach, I loved the view of the engine!


Verdict and Conclusion

No complaint, really, because of the complimentary upgrade. But I would rate the experience based on the PEY experience:

Dinner: was good. Nothing inspiring to merit “very good” but quite something to have a tray of food that one would have no objection to finish, that is to say, a tray of edible food.

Service: was very good. Crews were attentive to call lights and were proactive in offering post-dinner beverages. Though, I would have preferred cocktails and nuts before dinner, though. The service was a bit rushed.

Seat: was excellent. As far as PEY seats go, Cathay’s is my favourite. (Have been on PEY on BA and LH, also)

IFE: was very good. Excellent collection and quite easy to navigate.

Ground service in NGO: was very good. No wait in lines but language barrier exists with the check in agent. Not a very huge problem though.

Overall: was very good. Comfortable, on time, and enjoyable. As far as Cathay flight goes, good enough for price paid.




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