Flight Review: Hong Kong to London Heathrow on British Airways World Traveller Plus

Flight Info



14 FEB 2015

2330-0450+1 (13h 20m)

Seat 64A (World Traveller Plus, aka Premium Economy)


Check in

No priority lines for World Traveller Plus and it was Chinese New Year peak season, so I was stuck in the line for almost 30 minutes. It was not a pleasant experience despite I did online check in.

Unlike Cathay, BA does not offer seat selection at booking for Premium Economy, which forced me pay a sum of money when there is only one window seat left.

On board

Boarding was fine. Priority line for World Traveller Plus here, so I was able to board really quickly. Gate 15 for the day, so just right outside security.

Welcome drink in a plastic cup…


PTV in good size and looks posh, also appreciated the two USB ports


View from my seat. Gate 16 is the BA departure 10 minutes later


Pre supper cocktail service: Red wine and water for me. The snack was okay.


Dinner service: They forgot to load the menu so now menu. The starter was standard. The main was a huge problem – I could not cut through the steak – what’s the point of having steak if you cannot chew through it? I gave up after a few trials. The dessert, again, was box standard. Nothing to write home about.


Too tired by this point that I elected to fall asleep. But I was hungry by the middle of the night – because I did not eat much dinner. Snack offering from the gallery:


A movie would kill some time…


Breakfast, again, looks troublesome. Potato had excessive flavours and the presentation is just horrible.


Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I was very tired on this red eye flight and the flight experience did not really refresh me.

Verdict and Conclusion

Catering: was not good. No menu for PEY long haul and the two meals were both, at best, edible, or plainly unappealing.

Seat: was very good. It looks modern and recline is good. I did not sleep very well in it, though.

Service: was good. Crews were not that proactive but were good at doing their jobs – giving out meals and drinks.

IFE: was very good. Posh, modern and easy to navigate. And a very good collection of movies.

Ground at HKG: was fine. Would much prefer priority check-in for PEY.

Overall: was good. For a PEY offering, BA did a solid job – much more comfortable than Economy but not very competitive among the other carriers that offer PEY. I did not pay too much of a premium (~£30), so I would gladly take the upgrade, but any more than £100, I would probably think twice.



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