Flight Review: Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita on ANA Economy Class

Flight Info

NH812 (sold as UA7988)


11 JUL 2015

0940-1510 (4h 30m)

Seat 22A (Exit Row)

B767-300 (Old configuration)


The summer trip this year is to Yellowstone and Hawaii. Needing several domestic US sectors, I elected to fly with United Airlines (not the best choice, I know, but it could be worse, e.g. not flying at all). But I was determined to NOT fly the direct HKG-SFO flight. So I chose the ANA segment to NRT, to connect to UA138 to DEN, and then to SLC. This report covers the first segment.

Ground @HKG

Headed for Business Class check-in because of Star Alliance Gold status. It took quite a while to check in 4 of us with 3 segments each and especially to check the visa because we are USA-bound.

Please forgive the lack of lounge review. Time does not allow for eating and properly taking pictures. Was rushing because of the morning departure.


Pre lunch cocktail service: went for coke. Was watching Mamma Mia on the PTV. IFE really dated and choices were very limited. But this golden oldie was definitely worth the re-watch.


View from my seat:


Lunch: You cannot go too wrong with ANA. The wine was good, the meal was very good, in good portion too. I enjoyed the food.


Because of the typhoon over Taipei area, the plane took a quite unusual route today


Legroom shoot: definitely appreciated the bulkhead seat


Approaching NRT



Outer Bay Disembarkation – was not new – was on this flight 4 years ago, was at the same outer bay.


Verdict and Conclusion

Lunch: was very good. Especially liked the portion size. The rice is a bit soggy as I recalled, but other than that, cannot complain.

Seat: was good. Comfortable and bulkhead is already good for me. Very dated though. But I prefer this to the newer seats because of the recline.

Service: was very good. Typical Japanese attentive service. Language barrier was not an issue.

IFE: was not good. Very dated, most limited collection I have seen. Mamma Mia was definitely appreciated.

Overall: was good. A very solid soft product combined with a good hard product. Can definitely be improved, but miles ahead of what I am about to experience with United. So, a good start.


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