United Business First: Honolulu to Guam

Flight Info



24 JUL 2015

1440 – 1800 +1

Seat 4H

B777-200 (Hawaiian configuration)


After 2 weeks in the USA, it is time to head home. The route was to be HNL-MAJ-KWA-KSA-PNI-TKK-GUM-HKG on the UA Island Hopper. When I was boarding, there was a Taiwan man asking for my help because he couldn’t speak English and did not have a seat on the plane. I spoke on his behalf but the flight was oversold. I gave up my seat for him because he was to attend his mother’s funeral in Majuro. The agent warned that she might have nothing for me until Monday but I wasn’t in a hurry anyway.

The agent eventually gave me an upgrade to Business First for the afternoon’s departure direct service to GUM. I gladly accepted, with meal vouchers and dozed off in United Club until boarding.


Obligatory legroom shot – I would say, decent given expectation for UA


Old school seat control


Parked next to KE departure to ICN via NRT


Taxi / Takeoff Views


Post take off cabin shot


Wifi and IFE through wifi


United branded Oshibori


Warm mixed nuts


Pre-lunch cocktail: Champagne and Sparkling Water – bubbles!


Starter and bread: the salad looks good and tastes fresh. Bread offering was limited – the good ones were picked by the ones in front, so I could only have this type of bread and only one helping… Unlike the generosity of other airlines (Well… I should have known better!)

Was wacthing Blended on my iPad through the UA IFE system.


Main course: Braised Beef with Asian Noodles. Excellently cooked and flavourful. Could not ask for a better main! (Note: Because of my Star Gold status, the FA asked me which main I wanted prior to take off so I did not pick it off the cart as per usual)


Dessert: The famous Ice Cream Sundae. Excellent of course.


Second helping is in order! Still watching Blended.


Tea with milk to end the lunch service. I really like the mug.


Then I asked the FA whether she could give my camera to the pilots to take some pictures from the cockpit. She happily obliged and the pilots loved the idea, too!

While I was reading Harper Lee’s new book, my mug and glass were never left empty.


Second meal service: Fruit salad / Italian bread stick / Cold cut plate / Chocolate pralines

The cold cut plate is freezing… Cannot cut through the ham… The fruit salad is good.


Tea and more truffles!


The view of the engine


Approach and sunset


Verdict and Conclusion

A very good flight and a good end to the holiday.

Catering: was a mixed bag. Lunch was excellent but the refreshment was disappointing. I would suggest a hot plate for refreshment too, something like pizza or sandwich. Lack of menu and variety also a problem, though not big one.

Service: was very good. The crew never addressed me by name except when acknowledging my Star Gold status and took my order for lunch. Very proactive otherwise and more than happy to oblige. Good example:

Me: “What do you have to drink?” 

Crew: “All the booze you can think of!”

Good or bad – take your pick

Seat: was good. Good recline, love the leather seat, and decent size legroom. But the cabin just looks really dated and uncompetitive. But for a holidaymaker, good enough.

IFE: was good. At least a PTV in the making with personal devices. I think PTV still needed for this 7 hour flight.

Overall: edging very good, and at least good.


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