The Wing Business Class Lounge


I am flying with Cathay to Tokyo Haneda for Christmas on their Premium Economy product and one of the last three Boeing 747s they have in their fleets. I am a silver member of the Marco Polo Club, though the status I would lose very soon with their proposed changes to the membership plus my intention to secure my Star Gold status at all costs.

To kiss my silver card goodbye, I took a trip to all 4 lounges I could go to that afternoon. And, first up, is the Wing, just next to Gates 1-2.

The Wing

Upon entry, the attendant pointed me to the stairs heading to the balcony level because it was lunch hour and she probably assumed I would want lunch, and hell yea I do.


And on to the noodle bar I go.


Take a look at the menu today…


And I chose: the Beef Noodles and the buns

The food from the noodle bar was excellent, but those from the side, i.e. the fried rice and co., were just… bad.


Quite full today, probably one of the reason why they are making silver harder to requalify…


Last look of the noodle bar because I moved on to the Coffee Loft


Dessert time, in the Coffee Loft. Selection number one: Hong Kong Style Milk Tea with pastries. Both were very very nice.


Selection number two: pastries and cookies. Again, very good.


Selection number three: ice cream – you just cannot say it is bad – it is branded! And another cup of milk tea.


Christmas special at the bar…


But… I decided to go for Cathay Delight. After a slip, I decided I don’t really like it. And it looks weird being served in a wine glass.


A lounge visit cannot be completed without a flute of champagne!


View from the lounge… Gate 1 is B-KPM, the aircraft with the new livery of CX.


Verdict and Conclusion


The Wing is an excellent lounge with very good food offering, a perfect atmosphere and a proactive team of attendants. The food made to order is of very high standards and the other nibbles, like pastries and cookies, are also of very high standards. The alcoholic offering and the Bar are very good. Slight problem is the inconsistencies with the alcoholic offerings across the lounges: for instance, Red Label Whisky is served here but Black Label is served in the Bridge. That will need to be redressed, I think. Also, the lounge can get quite crowded at times, though at no times during my visit did people need to queue up for food or seats. Some downsides as I have pointed out, but the other good things easily outweigh the cons and make this the best lounge in Hong Kong.



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