Dragonair’s G16 Lounge


So I have spent 1.5 hours in the Wing enjoying my life and the clock is ticking because I have only 2 more hours for 3 more lounges. I hurried along to Dragonair’s G16 Lounge which is around 5 minutes walk away, near, as named, gate 16.

On my way I saw CX’s newest livery on B-KPM, parked at Gate 1 for its TPE departure.


Nearly there…


Up the escalator you will find this lonely lounge up here…


Very basic food / drink selections… Note: only one type of red/white wine available, seems not to be of high quality, and no champagne on offer, too. Basic boozes if one fancies some.


There are options of food made to order. Those are more to the Hongkonger tastes:


My selection today: Very good noodles and fishballs. Much higher quality than the Plaza Premium Lounge nearby and really make to order!


View from the lounge: gates 18-19


The best part of the lounge is that there would never be too many people. Very quiet, good for relaxation. Also, perhaps because of the lack of visitors, the attendants in the lounge are very polite and active. It took only 5 seconds for them to come and collect my bowl after I finished my noodles.


My exchange with the attendant:

Attendant: Sir, have you finished the noodles? Do you want me to take away the bowl?

Me: Yes, thank you so much.

Attendant: No need to thank me, it’s my job!

Verdict and Conclusion

“Very Good”

The G16 lounge is decent. The food offering is underwhelming at first glance but the noodle bar is excellent – more local and better selection (especially with the sauce to go with the noodles). The alcohol offering is underwhelming but that probably keeps most people away, thus allowing a very relaxing environment. The attendants are really polite and get the job done well. I like the lounge because of the environment – so if you are in for relaxing before the flight and don’t care much about the alcohol, G16 is for you.

On another note, I can understand why Dragonair does not put in much resources. It shares lounges with Cathay and that it is a regional airlines. So no complaints. 


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