The Cabin Lounge


This is the third installment of the lounge crawl in HKG – The Cabin – located near Gate 23, should be convenient for most travellers. Quite crowded when I arrived, but it was not too hard to find a seat at the Long Bar, which is my favourite spot to hang out in the Lounge.

The Cabin


The Newspaper Rack near the Long Bar – a real bumper that I could not find the Economist but I settled for something else.


The main dining area – food offering is not that great in variety. Quite Western style for this lounge, unlike the Wing or G16.


View from outside the window


The Long Bar


Special from the Bar – both were very good. But no pictures (sorry!)


My selection today: Food from the Bistro and the Champagne from the bar. Really generous size of fruits I think and I enjoyed the fruit salad. The Cheese and crackers are very good too, and in generous portions. The salmon has gone bad though – that one is a real disappointment… (as agreed, also, by a Gold Member sat next to me and we chatted about the bad salmon for a bit…)


Sorry I did not take many pictures for this lounge. It is quite crowded and I did not want to be rude by taking pictures of other people in their chairs and everything.

Verdict and Conclusion

“Very good”

The Cabin is a very good lounge and has a relaxing environment. I think the bar is very good with the bartender being very helpful with all my requests. They were chatty and friendly and so could be very good company. The Bistro has good offering, mainly Western style nibbles, like salads and cheese. The smoked salmon that went bad was the real disappointment – not that I did not have the chance to eat salmon but the idea that they served it when it was bad (would rather them not having salmon at all!) The Cabin is very convenient and can thus a fair bit busy at times. 


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