The Bridge Lounge

This is the last of the four lounges I visited in a row prior to my flight with Cathay to Tokyo Haneda. This is, I believe, the newest addition to the Cathay lounges in Hong Kong. The Bridge is located near Gate 36, with a very clear sign in the departure concourse, so it would be quite impossible to miss.

Design upon entrance


The Long Bar in the Bridge: I particularly like the view of the tarmac, though for plane spotting, the view you have is quite limited. You cannot really see beyond one or two planes.


The Drink list is very extensive and the bartender is willing and able to make you cocktails beyond the list. But specials for Christmas are:


I tried the white wine one. The bartender really took it upon himself to make it a very good one and paid much attention to details, as evident from the glass (below). I find it too heavy for an afternoon drink though – I like the idea of fruits in wine, but perhaps less on the rum side.


As I concluded my visits to the lounges, I really want to try the other Cathay signature drink, which I believed to be Pacific Sunrise. I asked the bartender whether he could do that for me, and he gladly obliged. Note: Unlike the Wing / the Cabin, the Bridge serves Champagne Thienot instead of Moet. I don’t know which is better, but from the taste of the cocktail, I would have preferred Moet.


Dining Area: the lounge is the most crowded one I have visited today, and that significantly impaired my experience.


View from the lounge:



Verdict and Conclusion

“Very Good”

The Bridge is a nice addition to the lounges in HKG (my last CX lounge visit was in 2005-ish and it was the Pier I visited). The bar is very nice with a very good view. The alcoholic offering is extensive and the bartenders are very experienced with making cocktails and other things on the menu: though the lounge is very busy and it can take a long time before you get your drink. The lounge is very modern, but lacks the flair of the Wing and the classy of the Cabin. In all honesty, the lounge is well designed though uninspiring, or bluntly, not too much a relaxing environment before a flight, but more like a restaurant. But, if you look at Thai / United lounges in HKG, I think I cannot be too harsh on the Bridge. 


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