Which Cathay Lounge to use in HKG?

So after reviewing all four lounges, I think a conclusion is due to examine which lounge you should use on your next visit to Hong Kong Airport if you get issued a lounge invitation.

So just to clarify the lounge use policies. Business class lounges can be accessed if you are:

  • Marco Polo Club Member Silver Tier or above
  • OneWorld Emerald or Sapphire
  • Departing Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair on Business Class or above

Best all-rounded lounge: The Wing

I like the Wing the most. Everything on offer is of excellent standards. It is the only Cathay lounge situated on Level 7 (note: Dragonair’s G16 Lounge, too, is situated on Level 7), that is a level above the departure gates and the same as the immigration. This allows a more open-air atmosphere and the view over gates 1-4 is very nice indeed.

The bar has an excellent tarmac view and because of the lack of ceiling, at any hour of the day, the lounge (and the bar) is very bright, unlike the Cabin or the Bridge, which tends to be on the dark side. The alcoholic offering is very good, with a range of cocktails offered and the Moet Champagne, too.

Champagne from the Wing’s bar

The food on offer is excellent and there are quite a few dining areas for you to choose from. Though I would suggest you to stay away from the prepared food, the food made to order is of excellent quality (the broth very flavourful and the noodles very well cooked to my liking), and so are the dessert.

Overall, I think it is the best Cathay lounge in the airport. It has flair and character, which really gives travellers a rather unique experience to tell.

Review at: http://wp.me/p72Rbc-bF

Best for Chinese Food and Privacy: G16 Lounge, Dragonair

Rarely covered by reviews and rarely covered by the tracks of travellers, I find the G16 Lounge to be a heaven for those who want good food and to stuff themselves before their flights. There are extensive choices for noodles made to order and they are very Chinese and local.

Choices for Noodles made to order, G16 Lounge

In addition, the lounge has self-service counters featuring fresh fruits, canned fruits and cheese and crackers. Overall, not an impressive range but very impressive within the realm of Oriental food offering. The lack of extensive alcoholic offering can be a cause for concern for some.

Another plus for G16 is the lack of passengers using it. You can probably have a private corner to your own if you go for G16. If you really need a proper rest and want to get out of the crowd, this Dragonair lounge is for you.

Review at: http://wp.me/p72Rbc-cM

Best for Western Food: The Cabin

I think this picture speaks for why I say that the Cabin is best for Western food.

Selection from the Cabin

Run by the Peninsula Hotel, the lounge promises great food quality, though can sometimes be a disappointment (see the Cabin review). There are a range of sandwiches and salads, which look good to me and were enjoyed by other passengers.

The bar is almost always empty (from my last two visits), so can be quite an enjoyable experience sitting by the bar and slipping your champagne.

This lounge is not very good for Chinese food offering, though. For those who prefer something hot and something in a broth, this is definitely not the lounge for you.

Review at: http://wp.me/p72Rbc-do

Best Tarmac View: The Bridge

The Bridge does not offer much, when compared to the Wing and the Cabin. But its sheer size over the concourse and the big window panes do promise to offer great views over the tarmac, and can be the heaven of plane spotters.

View of the tarmac from the Bar

This lounge is not run by Peninsula, unlike the other two lounges. Something to take note.

Review at: http://wp.me/p72Rbc-dR

In conclusion…

Visit The Wing for atmosphere and good variety of food

Visit G16 for a lot of private spaces and good Chinese noodles

Visit The Cabin for good Western food and a classy bar

Visit The Bridge if watching airplanes is what you want from your experience


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