Cathay Pacific’s Tokyo Haneda Lounge

The Cathay Pacific lounge in Tokyo Haneda is one of the airline’s biggest out port lounge and is very new, opening only about one year ago, on 9th December 2014. The lounge takes over part of Level 6 of the International Terminal, where the observation deck is located, making it both a heaven for plane spotters and a place to hide from the hustle and bustle of the terminal.

990 square metres in area, the lounge can house approximately 190 people, which is around triple the amount of premium passengers on one of Cathay’s 747 or 77W, the two aircrafts that frequent the route. That would mean the lounge will not be very crowded, and indeed that was my experience.

Cathay chose Studioilse as the designer studio for the lounge and focused on the well being of the passengers as a core principle when designing the lounge, conforming to the recent “Life Well Travelled” Campaign.

Location of the lounge: entrance near gate 114


Escalator bound for the lounge


Entrance of the lounge


The dining area and the noodle bar – very Hong Kong teahouse type of layout, very definitely feel very high class


Drink station by the noodle bar


The Lounge and the Bar


The Food Bar Offering


Now, I feel really hungry after travelling all the way from Kyoto earlier without having lunch. So I was quick to go see what the Noodle Bar has to offer and I was not disappointed.


I chose: Won Ton Noodles, Steamed BBQ Pork Bao, shrimp macaroni and French Toast; and Kir Royal to go with it. The Won Ton Noodles was excellent and so was the bun – they taste very Japanese, rather than Chinese though – the filling of the Won Ton is the typical pork filling you find in Japanese buns and more flavourful filling of the bun than the normal HK style Bun. I like the French Toast too, it being very thick!


A view of my seat


And a view outside of the window


And after finishing all this wonderful food, I am still hungry, so I asked for a meat sauce noodle made Beijing style, and meanwhile enjoying an orange.


Meat sauce noodle made Beijing style – was excellent. It was flavourful and the cucumber pieces were refreshing!


To go with my noodle, I asked for the Special Cocktail – Sweet Haneda – one of the two cocktails only served in the lounge


After finishing the food, I headed to the bar, and looked at the offering there.

Coffee / Tea




Note: only sparkling wine on offer, no champagne.


Special Cocktails celebrating Cathay’s service to Tokyo Haneda. Haneda Jade is excellent and Sweet Haneda is just… as the name suggests… sweet, very sweet.


I asked for a Haneda Jade


And went to the Food Bar for some desserts and cheese – all were excellent, I had no complaints!


This rice cake with beans as fillings is especially good!


More pictures of the lounge:

The computer workstations


Elegant design of the signs


More seating


Relaxing armchairs – my favourite seats


Views from my armchair


JAL 787


SQ 772 arriving from Singapore


And it’s all about the bubbles while relaxing before the flight (which the boarding time was delayed by 20 minutes due to preparation of aircraft)


Last look at the lounge at 16:05 when I left for CX549



“Near Perfect”

The Haneda Lounge combines a very relaxing environment with luxurious offering of food and beverages, making it one of the best lounges in the Cathay system and in the lounges I have been so far. It is elegantly designed and the view of the tarmac is definitely a huge plus. The food on offer is excellent, with regards to both choice and quality. The bartender is very efficient and is more than willing to bring you the drinks – the slight problem is the lack of Champagne but the sparkling wine on offer is of good quality, too. The lounge is serene and not crowded at all even with a very full flight (overbooking in Business, full house in First). I was properly rested and that was all that mattered.


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