Singapore Airlines’s New Business Class on 777-300ER: Hong Kong to Singapore

This is a trip report from Hong Kong to London with Singapore Airlines’s Next Generation Business Class product on their new 77Ws (dubbed 77WN internally). This first report covers the first leg, from Hong Kong to Singapore, on the evening departure SQ865.

It was a gloomy day that I began my long journey to Heathrow. The air pollution was very big and smog had fallen onto this beloved city of my home. Over Tsing Ma Bridge:


And soon enough, I am near Tung Chung, the town just outside of the airport


The familiar sight of Hong Kong International Airport hit me as I walked towards the departure hall of Terminal 1.


And the architectural style, much copied in other airports in the region, like Beijing’s and Taipei’s


Singapore Airlines’s Check-in Counter in Aisle F


Business Class check-in for me today


My suitcase tagged to London with a priority tag


Flight Information Displays. My flight (SQ865) is featured at the bottom of the second monitor from the left. Leaving at gate 27 today!


North Departure: immigration and security were swamped with people, but still got out in 15 minutes – efficiency!


And I am lounge-bound


A very grand entrance


Hong Kong’s SilveKris Lounge: The lounge was renovated in 2014 and was the second lounge in the Singapore Airlines’s network to adopt this classy design of ‘home away from home’ after Sydney’s initial success. Soon after, London’s lounge followed similar designs. I liked this design over the previous lounge a lot more. Very relaxing.


The Bar (and its offering)


Seating: the lounge was quite crowded on the day I visited – perhaps because of the fairly full flight (40/44 in Business and a lot of Star Alliance Gold members)


Food offering


They also offer two dish made to order – Shrimp Wonton Noodles, a delicacy of Hong Kong; and Seafood Laksa, a delicacy of Singapore. My selection today: G&T and some Chinese soup


Soon enough it was time for boarding – quite a walk today from Gate 15 to Gate 27



Boarding started very early today, 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time – though, most people really boarded later

My poor attempt at my ride today: 9V-SWK, 777-300 ER


Gate 27 today



Joined the Business Class queue, which a man tried to get in front of me with an Economy Class boarding pass – the ground staff quickly asked him to queue at the Economy queue.



Sorry for the blurry picture, but point being – an empty bridge – unlike the normal economy bridge I go through! Upon boarding, the crew looked at my boarding pass and showed me to my seat.


View from my seat:


View of the Business Class Cabin:


Before everyone else boards, I thought it would be a good idea to catch a glimpse of the new Premium Economy Cabin (which would end up be empty with only 3 seats occupied!) I like the Premium Economy Cabin, but the price to London is double the Economy fare, which is a bit too much in my opinion. (More on long-haul offering next report)


First impression of the Next Generation Business product: OH MY GOD! Classy and functional combined. A lot of space and the widest seat I have seen. Everything just seems so luxurious and it can so easily be another airline’s first class. And for a short-haul flight like this, it is just incredible.

A number of newspaper and magazines were offered.


And of course, welcome drinks:


I went for the Champagne and Singapore Airlines is not selfish about the bubbly!


And I was also offered a hot towel.


The 18.1-inch HD monitor – I am beyond amazed by what is provided on this plane.


Before pushback, one flight attendant came by and asked me what I would like to drink after take-off. And it is on this note, I attached the menu and drinks list of this leg.

Scan_20160114 (1)

Scan_20160114 (2)Scan_20160114 (3)Scan_20160114 (4)Scan_20160114 (5)Scan_20160114 (6)Scan_20160114 (7)Scan_20160114 (8)Scan_20160114 (9)Scan_20160114 (10)Scan_20160114 (11)Scan_20160114 (12)Scan_20160114 (13)Scan_20160114 (14)Scan_20160114 (15)Scan_20160114 (16)Scan_20160114

Safety demonstration


All positioned to go for this 3 hour 20 minute ride to Singapore!


View of take off – weather was very bad, a bumpy take off and I could feel the very rapid climb to cruising altitude


Amenities offered post-take off: 1 thing that really marked SQ out from its competitors is that there is no amenity kit, but all you need is in the toilet anyway! The slippers are of very high quality, too!


The Seat


Post-Take Off Drink Service

I chose one of SQ’s unique cocktail – Silver Kris Sling. I liked it a lot and I had some warm water to go with it. The crew that served me addressed me by name, good start. The nuts were warmed too (which would be the only time that happened in this trip, for the nuts on the next flight would be served cold)


The  noise-cancelling handset


Table laid for dinnerIMG_0276

First course: Prawn Salad – tasted very well and in good portion. Sauce could go on the side or over the top or no sauce at all, brilliant.IMG_0277

Metal cutlery IMG_0278

The salt and pepper, and butterIMG_0279

Everything on a trayIMG_0280

Champagne to go with the starter, really like SQ’s Champagne flute, very classyIMG_0281

The bubbles!IMG_0285

Garlic Bread being offered – very good indeed. You cannot really go wrong with garlic bread on the flight.IMG_0287

Main course: Steamed fish with rice. Excellent again. Makes me hungry again while writing this report. I had the Australian Chardonnay to go with the fish – that wine I did not like. The Chamblis on the next flight is much better.IMG_0290

I asked for chopsticks to eat my dish and the crew happily obliged.IMG_0291

The white wine in question… The crew comes around all the time to refill our water glass and wine glass.IMG_0293

The remote to the inflight entertainment, we are more than half way through the flight by then.IMG_0295

To play with it a little more after main course was cleared away!IMG_0299

For most of the time, these two lights were on (so I cannot really move around)IMG_0300

Note the lack of overhead compartment in the middle – instead a huge sign saying “Switch Off Phone”IMG_0301

Watching “Boston Legal”IMG_0302

The dessert / cheese / fruit cart came along! At last!IMG_0303

Here is what I asked for: everything was excellent – could not have asked for a better end to the dinner.IMG_0304

Here’s a post-dinner hot towel – came a bit too soon, I was still working my way through my dessertsIMG_0306

Coffee or tea was not offered but the crew did come by and asked whether I wanted anything – so I asked for a cup of English Breakfast Tea. I really appreciate the TWG teabags – really posh.IMG_0307

With only 40 minutes left into the flight, I want to take advantage of the flat bed, too. Here’s a bed made. I was offered a bottle of water and some pralines. IMG_0310

And a teddy bear to sleep with.IMG_0311

I went to the toilet 20 minutes before landing and after that, my seat was turned back into seat mode – much to the surprise of myself at how proactive the crew is.IMG_0315

My bear looking out of the windowIMG_0317

Descending into SingaporeIMG_0319IMG_0323IMG_0325IMG_0326IMG_0330IMG_0332IMG_0334

Last look at the Business Class CabinIMG_0336

My seatIMG_0337

And found a random sticker on a random seat.IMG_0338

Verdict and Conclusion


Seat was the most sophisticated and posh I have seen in the industry – the widest too (second only to SQ’s A380 seat). The bed was very comfortable and the two pillows provided really do make a difference.

Service was impeccable. I couldn’t fault the crew at all: they addressed me by name the whole time, was very proactive in everything and the service flow was well-paced.

Food was amazing. From the starter to the desserts, it’s an amazing journey. I liked every dish and the menu is extensive for a short flight like this. They could have easily do a tray service. The wine list, too, is very extensive and amazing. The white wine I had wasn’t the nicest but the Tattinger Champagne is amazing. 

Inflight Entertainment was very good. The new system was interactive. I liked the remote control and there were so many different movies and TV shows on offer.

Lounge in HKG was excellent.

Flight was on time but wouldn’t complain if it was delayed.


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