Singapore Airlines New Business Class 777-300ER SIN-LHR

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11 JAN 2016

0115-0720 (Scheduled)

0130-0730 (Approx.)

Boeing 777-300ER; 77WN (9V-SWL)

Seat: 12A

Where we left off…: My flight arrived into Terminal 3’s gate B6, and my connecting flight to Heathrow would leave from gate A4. That would mean a long stroll from the B gates to the A gates, but I have the time. Singapore’s Terminal 3 is very modern and houses a large shopping mall – I did not partake in shopping today but I did get the SG$20 transit coupon that I plan to use on my return journey in March – oh, I am thinking of some TWG tea.


Flight Information Displays: my 01:15 London departure is going to leave from Gate A4 today, and the bird that took me to Singapore would leave for Sydney.IMG_0340

On my way to the Silver Kris Lounge by way of the Kris Flyer Gold Lounge (the latter is for Star Alliance Gold members travelling in Economy; the former is for real Business passengers…)IMG_0341

Here I am – the only slight problem for me is that the Lounge is located right next to the designated smoking area – for someone that doesn’t smoke, it is not the most pleasant entrance! But, anywho, this looks like a good lounge to me. The attendants did not care to scan my boarding pass – they saw the blue strip on the boarding pass and let me in. IMG_0342

The business class section for me today.IMG_0343

My first visit is to the shower. The showers are located in the toilets and you don’t need a reservation or anything. When I got there, there were quite a few showers available, and I quickly stepped into one. IMG_0344

Now, let’s look at the offering of the lounge (sorry for the lack of pictures, the lounge was full of people owing to the midnight departure and I needed to catch up on some work!) Beer and glasses stored ice coldIMG_0345

Drinks selectionIMG_0346

TWG Tea, as per Business Class offering in the air.IMG_0347

Nuts and nibblesIMG_0348

Booze – which I did not partake in, but there are plentiful ingredients for you to “make your own booze!”IMG_0349IMG_0350

White wine (which I think is a 2014 Marlborough, the same as the one from the previous flight) and Champagne (Tattinger, which I think is a non-vintage as opposed to the 2007 vintage on board) – but judging from the offering, I must say I am impressed, that Singapore Airlines’s Business Class lounge has an offering comparable to the on board offering – unlike most airlines.  IMG_0351

There are of course hot food and others, but too many people in the lounge so I did not take any more pictures. I partook in some champagne, and some tea, but in much anticipation for the meal on board later, so did not eat much.

Bottom line for the Silver Kris Lounge: The food and beverage offerings are definitely impressive, but when the lounge is crowded with people and it becomes an issue to find a place to sit, any good offering does not matter that much. I guess it’s the midnight departures from T3. 

Very soon, it’s time to board again. Very busy for the A gates today!IMG_0353IMG_0354IMG_0355

The private air bridge that would show me to heaven! IMG_0357IMG_0358

First look at my seat, having two windows to myself (not quite) IMG_0359

While the seat itself is very private, I definitely appreciate having only three rows in this mini cabin – if privacy is your thing, you need to try to get a seat in the mini cabin, though today, behind me, would be a toddler – but the baby wouldn’t cry in Business Class – I think we all know why! Also, note the lack of overhead compartment over the middle section – very spacious cabin!IMG_0360

My welcome drinks: Champagne and Water. I don’t really like the look of this Champagne flute, but the Champagne in it is perfectly delightful.IMG_0361

Hot towelIMG_0362

Video depicting how to do the bed for Business Class, which is by flipping the seatIMG_0363IMG_0364IMG_0365

For most of the first hour, and at some random times of the flight, my inflight entertainment system did not work. “Please Wait” comes up when it needs rebooting.IMG_0370

Once take off we were given fast track invitation.IMG_0372

Nuts prior to dinner (I am looking forward to satay in my return trip)IMG_0373

Chose champagne for my post take off drink – as ever, it’s delightful.IMG_0375

More nuts, this time in a bowl.IMG_0377

Thank god, the IFE is finally up and running: here’s a series of pictures showing how it worksIMG_0378IMG_0379IMG_0380IMG_0381IMG_0382


Appetiser – Goose Liver on Wild Rocket

Main –

Seared Tournedos of Beef in Green Peppercorn Sauce OR

Singapore Style Prawn Noodle Soup OR

Chicken Biryani Karachi Style

Dessert – Ice Jelly

Cheese – Farmer, tete de moine and cambozola

Fruits – selection of

From the bakery – assorted rolls and gourmet bread

Wine List:

2007 Taittinger Brut Millesime

2012 Domaine Laroche Chablis Premier Cru La Chantrerie

2013 Mt Nelson Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough

2012 Chateau Doyac, Haut Medoc, Bordeaux

2013 Heirloom Shiraz, Barossa Valley

2010 Vina Errazuriz La Cumbre Syrah, Valle de Aconcagua

Table laid for supper IMG_0383

Now with salt and pepper, cutlery, and bread plateIMG_0384

Starter – goose liver. I asked for the 2012 Chamblis, which is really really good, but then I thought I needed a red wine to go with the goose liver! Anyway, back to the food, the goose liver is quite good, but too heavy for supper. I could barely eat half of it.IMG_0385

As ever, the garlic bread is simply amazing.IMG_0387

The 2012 French red I asked for – really good red. Very mellow and drinkable.IMG_0388

I booked the cook for this sector and I chose duck with yam rice. It was quite disappointing though – the rice is not very warm when it reached me and I think the duck was overdone. I had bits of it but did not enjoy it. The crew quickly sensed the problem and offered me another main.IMG_0389

The prawn noodles – much better. Very well-cooked, warmed and well-spiced. Very generous portion, too.IMG_0390

This dessert is very simple but tastes amazing – it’s very refreshing and the combination of aloe vera and fresh fruits is excellent. IMG_0391IMG_0392

I declined the cheese, but I partook on the fruits. It’s amazing what they have on board – cherries, pear, banana and even pineapples! I could see durian but it is just not for me.IMG_0393

Chamomile tea and honey to finish my meal – I enjoyed the meal okay, the main was a disappointment but the rest of the meal, including both wines were amazing. The crew was very generous with the wine too. I couldn’t take any more of the alcohol and quickly retired to bed.IMG_0394

Was very tired by the end of supper – it’s approaching 3 am Hong Kong Time (and I usually sleep at around 10:30 pm). I made my own bed but did not take a picture of the bed. Just to remind you of how wide and long the bed is, I attach the picture I took from my last flight.


Bottom line: A very wide bed and I particularly appreciate the two pillows. The duvet is reasonable for the cabin temperature. And I like the bed sheets: it really feels like a real bed, not just a recliner seat. I slept comfortably for 5.5 hours.

I woke up when there were 7 more hours to go. Well this is the remote control that tells me when we were. I just went back to sleep. IMG_0395IMG_0396

Then I woke up another hour later and had some snacks. First of all, some pineapples!IMG_0399

They ran out of Business Class sandwiches but the crew heated up some Economy Class tuna sandwich for me, not bad!IMG_0400

Then I finally finished watching The Intern, and the entertainment system would ask you to rate the movie, and I gave it 5 stars.IMG_0401IMG_0402

I went back to sleep with 4 hours 17 minutes to go. But was waken up very soon for breakfast.IMG_0404


To start with – Juices freshly squeezed or chilled, a choice of orange, apples or tomato

Fruit – selection of

Appetiser – choice of

Raisin Bran

Bircher Muesli

Fruit or Natural Yogurt

Main Course – choice of

Braised Egg Noodles with seafood and mushrooms

Corn cake and poached eggs

Cheese Omelette with sausage, mushrooms and potatoes

From the Bakery – Assorted rolls and breakfast pastries

Hot Beverages – selection of coffee and tea

To start with, 3 hours to go, I was waken up, addressed by name, and given freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast, and hot towel too, to fresh upIMG_0405

I elected to have breakfast in bed, and they proceeded to lay my table for me.IMG_0406

The standard look of my tableIMG_0407

Fresh fruit plates efficiently handed out, and water glass on the table tooIMG_0408

The crew topped up my orange juice and offered me tea or coffee, I went with coffee as I was quite sleepy after being abruptly waken up (well, not at the fault of the crew, I insisted to be waken up for the full breakfast which not many partook in)IMG_0409

Croissant – exactly what I want for breakfast tomorrow!IMG_0410

Fruit Yogurt and Bircher Muesli for me – both tasted very very well and refreshing too!IMG_0411

Breakfast in bed!IMG_0412

My book the cook option – fish congee – very very generous portion of fish – large chunks of white fish and the congee is thus very flavourful. Could be heated a bit more, though to be honest.IMG_0413

Ended with a mug of hot tea (note this is the First Class mugs, because they ran out of mugs and I said I would really appreciate a mug not a cup!) And a bottle of water, because it would get a bit bumpy and the crew wanted to make sure I would not be thirsty.IMG_0414

Just a picture of the noise-cancelling headphones being offered. This is the best noise-cancelling headphones I have used, very effective and comfortable for me, a person with a very big head.IMG_0415

Chatted with a flight attendant: we talked about the new seats and he told me he loved the new seats too, them being so classy and modern. But remarked on the much smaller gallery they have now, and hence the really slow service flow. In addition, he talked about the Premium Economy product – he told me the primary difference is the seat, then the noise-cancelling headphones, and finally it is the menu, which you can utilise th ebook the cook, and also the idea of having three choices instead of two. I do think the Premium Economy food offering may seem a bit weak when comparing to others in the market.

The morning lights would come out temporarily and then go away…IMG_0416IMG_0417

47 minutes to go…IMG_0422

I really like this moving map! IMG_0423IMG_0425

Landing on Runway 09LIMG_0426IMG_0427IMG_0428IMG_0429

Slightly weird thing happened when we parked at the gate – there was no ground staff, so the flight was delayed even more than it should be. We eventually had ground staffs coming to rescue us at 07:50, and but luggage delivery was quite slow, probably because of a full Business and Premium Economy Cabin, and a bunch of Star Alliance Gold members, too.

Bottom Line

I am deeply impressed with this product – the space, the privacy and the size of the PTV. I think with catering, it is a bit of luck you get – and may be it is not the best season for what I have. The food and beverage offerings are definitely above industrial level for a red-eye flight, and continue to impress, especially the wine – both the red and the white wines I had were very good, and the Champagne that they offered… I think is the best I have had in Business Class yet (of course, I have heard good things about Qatar). Bottom line is, Singapore Airlines is indeed a great way to fly. Some bits and bobs need attention, like the inflight entertainment system. Will definitely fly it again, without hesitation. Well done. 

Have you flown Singapore Airlines’s Business Class? Or any other long-haul Business Class? Let me know about your experience in the comment section below.

Read my review of my previous sector HKG-SIN here


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