Preview: My March Adventure

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Been very busy working, but come March, I am flying to the down under.

First flight of the month would be Singapore Airlines’s flagship service from London to Singapore on its 777-300ER with its next-generation Business Class product (though it being the older version of it, with 8 seats in First rather than 4 in the new configuration). I will be sitting in the first row of the Business Class cabin – very excited.

Here’s a picture of breakfast in bed on my way to London in January!


My connecting flight would be SQ868, Singapore-Hong Kong service featuring the regional business class. Special thing on the flight is that I booked the cook: Grilled Seabrass with Mussel Chowder. Previous experiences suggest that I am better off not booking the cook, but I decided to give SQ another chance to redeem themselves. Slightly concerning is that the flight seems to be fully booked, and I have a window seat – the lack of aisle access is… indeed a first-world problem!

Credit: Singapore Airlines

Finally, to complete my trip to the down under, I will be flying Cathay Pacific on its Economy Class to Adelaide. This is a direct flight, featuring the long-haul Economy product on its A330-300.

This product on 77W from Cathay’s website.

My flights this March:

Courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper

I look forward to reviewing these flights for you.

Until then, happy flighting!


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