SQ SilverKris Lounge LHR T2

After spending more than one hour in Lufthansa’s lounges in A-pier, I slowly moved towards B-pier, and the first stop for me is SQ’s SilverKris Lounge (SKL). I arrived at 5:35 pm, 3 hours before SQ319, before the lounge fills up for the two evening departures.

SQ’s SKL in LHR is the latest Star Alliance lounge addition to the Queen’s Terminal. When I first visited Terminal 2 in December 2014, SQ’s SKL was still under construction and SQ directed me to use either the United Club or the Maple Leaf Lounge (MLL). I find the SKL naturally superior, with much better food and drinks offering.

Location: The SKL is located just across Gate B44, you can easily access the lounge after coming up from the escalator after walking from the A-gates. It shares the same ground level entrance with Air Canada’s MLL.





Interior: The SKL is the third SKL in the world to get this “home away from home” design concept, after SYD and HKG. Compared to HKG’s SKL, I find this SKL pulls off the design much better, with a spacious dining area separated from the other seating area. The lounge screams luxury. Evening passengers would appreciate the bar and the very bright lighting.






The SKL has strong wifi, which helps me get through my time. And there are offering for international press, too.


There are, I think, 3 shower suites, all of which are available when I was there. However, in the evenings, there are usually a long waiting list – United Club has 8 shower suites, and Air Canada a further two – making the B-gate total to 13 shower suites – so some extra effort (i.e. walking around) would almost always guarantee a shower before departure.

Food and The Bar: I did not eat much from the lounge given the big afternoon tea I had, and I am anticipating a good meal on board (more on that later). But the food looks really really appealing and smells very good. I can see happy passengers eating away, too!












No food available for ordering, unlike the SKL in HKG, though. But in my opinion, there are enough options to satisfy everyone, so that is not a huge let down.

As for the bar, it is truly amazing – serve yourself to Champagne and wines, and the bartender can make lots of cocktails.





You got to have a Singapore Sling in SQ’s SKL!


Service: Staff largely non-existent because the lounge is rather empty. Though, I can see them replacing the food for dinner, and the bartender is very talkative if you fancy talking. He told me how the menus are changed just now, and will be changed every 6 months, and how this lounge is run by the same company running the United Club.


Eligibility: Star Alliance Gold members + 1 guest, and all Star Alliance passengers travelling Business and First Class.

Verdict – Excellent

Truly a world-class lounge, with food and beverage offerings that are amazing. Large, spacious, luxurious, this SKL is well-placed for passengers to relax and unwind before their long-haul flights. Slightly uneven is the lack of made-to-order food and, if the SQ evening departures are full, the lounge can get very crowded. However, SQ’s SKL is easily the best lounge in the Queen’s Terminal with its offerings (with United Club a very, very close second).




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