Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge, LHR

On the other end of the corridor from SQ’s SKL is AC’s MLL – the third of the four lounges sampled in this lounge-hopping adventure. The MLL is, however, a poor show – the food and the facilities; though, if you want peace and quiet, there were no more than 15 people in the lounge when I visited.


When I handed my SQ’s Business Boarding Pass, the lounge jargon asked me, with a surprised face, why I did not go to the SKL just across the hall, and offered to direct me there.

Little did she know I just came from the SKL – having sampled the shower in the United Club (which was really really satisfying), I opted to shower in the MLL this time – and this was an utter disappointment.

THE SHOWER: In one word – terrible. The MLL has two shower suites.


The sign so that people know the shower suite is occupied


Some pictures – the good bits



The less good bits – these bottles were broken making it almost impossible to retrieve any shampoo or shower gel


The worst bits – these switches were completely broken, and with no signage signifying how to use them, it was chaotic… The water was lukewarm at best and it was very cold outside…


THE FOOD – In one word – “depressing“. Well at least if you aim to fill yourself up with carbohydrates, this lounge has a plentiful variety of carbohydrates!

Carrot pieces – really?


Mac’n’Cheese – slightly better?


Mash Potato


BBQ Chicken


Salad Bar


Desserts – Marshmallow is a very good shout



THE BAR/ THE DRINKS: There is a full-service bar with no one manning it… Pretty common offerings, with champagne available.

The good bits – a very professional coffee machine, which is better than the other lounges in the building


Innovative water machine – something that some may find interesting. I believe the same machine was featured in the Star Alliance Lounge in Terminal 1.


Non-alcoholic drinks – pretty standard


The Bar – empty as hell


Ah, finally found someone to get a bottle of champagne out from the fridge


Druart Brut was featured.


I like the colour of it and it tastes well, too


SEATING: Perhaps the best thing about this lounge, very spacious, definitely not crowded and offers good privacy

The dining area


More seating area


AC’s 787



Star Alliance Gold member + 1 guest; International Business and First passengers

Verdict: Improvements Needed

The lounge is the poorest among the Star Alliance lounges, pretty easily. The hardware is well-appointed, the interior is well designed and spacious, offering spaces to hang out and work. But the good bits end here. The food offering is painfully little and unsatisfactory. There is a bar but if I have to wait 15 minutes for someone to come back to man the bar… I would be better off in United or SQ lounges. The showers show their age – and even though the lounge jargon knew about it (as she later admitted), she did not disclose the problems with the showers beforehand. 

Unless you just want to sit somewhere quiet in Terminal 2, or want lots of carbohydrates, I advise you against this lounge.


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