The Best United Club in the World?

Together with the Global First Lounge, the United lounges occupy 22,000 square feet – the largest lounge in Terminal 2. Those frequent United Club around the world would, know from experiences, United Club is the last lounge one would want to go (e.g. Hong Kong – you can use SQ’s SKL; Narita – you can use NH’s ones)… But this United Club is set to impress.

First thing to note is free alcohol: champagne, cocktail, rose sparkling, wines, booze, and so on – all free, take your fancy, unlike the stingy offerings in other lounges. It is no wonder that the bartender reveals to me that Chinese business travellers love the lounge and often drinks bottles of red before the Air China flights board!

LOCATION Just off Gate B46, again very accessible from the walk-away that brings you to T2B




Pretty decent selections available – hot and cold. The quality I cannot comment on but they look very good and that there is a decent variety, on par with SQ’s and LH’s offerings.



The amount of sauces to choose from is simply amazing.





Hot food selection


(Sorry for the poor quality picture)


Amazing selections of desserts (I loved the homemade brownies)



The bar is stunning and the offerings are plentiful. Lovely place to chill before the flight.


Wine selections (note: same Champagne in SQ’s SKL)



Cocktail/Beer Menu




And I sampled a sparkling rose – pretty decent I must say


Non-alcoholic self-serving stations



Spacious, bright, well-designed.


Incredible amount of press available for passengers


In addition, there are 8 shower suites in the lounge for passengers – almost guaranteed one when you visit during the evening (in my experience). I did not sample the showers this time, but will do when I get a chance in June. But, my thoughts are that the lounge is very spacious, bright and easy to use.

Eligibility: Star Alliance Gold members + 1; International Business and First passengers

Verdict: Excellent

Definitely the best United Club there ever is. I have visited several United Clubs: HKG, SFO, NRT, DEN and HNL, and I think the UC in LHR is simply unmatched by any of its counterparts in the world. The design is brilliant and the size means that even at the crowded hour, you will find a seat. The free and open bar, and the food selection are unheard of in UA’s system – so well done!

Comparing to the other lounges in T2, I think the UC is well-placed. Its sheer size means that you can get more comfy here. The alcohol selection, especially the beer and ale, is particularly well-suited to serve Brits. As an Asian myself, SQ’s food is more appealing and its offering more like home.


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