Singapore Airlines’s SilverKris Lounge in Changi Terminal 3

SQ’s SKL in Terminal 3 is definitely not the best hub lounge of an airline you’ll ever find. In all honesty, it is not as fancy as the new lounges in HKG and SYD, but it is functional. Plenty of shower suites, plenty of TVs, plenty of seating and wonderful food selection – you get what you need from the SKL but nothing extra.


Unlike in LHR and HKG, the SKL here does *not* feature a bar. Rather alcohol is to be self-served.

With SQ’s own brand of mineral water


Make your own booze



A French Chamblis and a New Zealand Savuignon Blanc and Champagne


Side note: when I was making myself a G and T, I found an insect hiding in the jar of lemon. I immediately brought it to the attention of a staff, who was apologetic and replaced it with some fresh lemon.




With “spicy scales” to help you get to grips with Asian food!




As with the last visit, the SKL is packed with people, not to say that you cannot find a place to sit, but definitely very crowded. So no pictures here. Also, the lounge is quite dark, which is another issue – I was falling asleep while sitting down…

Eligibility: Only SQ Business passengers and PPS Club members. Star Gold members not allowed.

Verdict: The SKL is slightly overrated, I think. I do look forward to see it being refurbished. As a hub lounge, I think SQ should offer a lot more than it does now to lure more passengers. The size of the lounge is painfully small, as evident by how crowded it gets all the time. The amenities of the lounge are basic too and that needs to improve.



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