Day 6: Back to Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, and a magical sunset

Day 6 sees quite a long drive on the road from Naracoorte all the way back to Adelaide. Last time we did it, we did a detour into Victor Harbour. But likewise, it would seem that we haven’t yet had the motivation to explore the Murray River region thus far, which I hope, we would pay a visit next time.

As usual, I shall start off with a map of our day:


After a quick drive, we arrived into Keith, a small town. Not picturesque in its own term, it is quite a pleasant place to work into. We ran into polices having a cup of tea (probably coffee) while chatting among themselves, and families just strolling down the streets.


For travellers, free tea and coffee is served in the tourist centre, which is also a café. There are lots of tourist information about not only surrounding areas but the whole South Australia. We got lots of pamphlets for our next trip to South Australia, where we would most likely return!

We kept going, as the afternoon is slightly more interesting – wine tasting in Adelaide Hills. We have been to Adelaide Hills before in this trip, when we visited its German town of Hahndorf. We arrived into Tailem Band for lunch.

Tailem Band was not hugely exciting, either. This town is very small, with only a population 1000 men strong. We stopped by the city’s hotel for lunch. We did not get pictures for our lunch options, either, again because it was not too exciting. We had deep-fried seafood most probably – that was what was the more exciting options on the menu as I recall.


We got a tad bit excited as we left Tailem Band, partly because we were then 100 km away from Adelaide, one of our favourite cities in the world, but also for the wine-tasting experiences that were to come, though we were slightly disappointed at the rather commercial nature of the region.

Adelaide Hills produced very good wine, there is no doubt about that. I have had the pleasure of drinking some myself in the past. Wineries in Adelaide Hills were fairly spread out in the region, making travelling from one winery to another quite a tedious one sometimes, especially some roads were unpaved. Also, for most of the wineries we have been to (in the south side of Adelaide Hills), they charge a fair amount for tasting, which would be refunded if we make purchases – we did not like the idea of that, not that we mucked around and would not buy anything in the end, but we wanted to buy wine because we liked the wine, not because we spent $20 ($5 per person, usually) and we wanted that back.

I did get a lovely day out, though – the nature is very nice:



Adelaide Hills is very famous for its Sauvignon Blanc white wine. It is more of a white wine region than the nearby McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley, which was a good thing for me because I am a white person. I don’t really do red. I was not disappointed with the Sauvignon Blanc I tasted at Nepenthe: it was very crisp and refreshing while not too dry in nature. I particularly liked the citrus taste of this wine. The Riesling here was not bad, but as our experiences would show, the Riesling in Clare Valley is just off-the-chart good. We had a taste of the wines:


Our host was very, very lovely in Nepenthe. He was really friendly and was really chatty. We talked about his day-to-day encounters with people in the cellar doors and travelling, which was really interesting. Although we tried quite a number of wine, the time flew by really quickly. As I said I really liked the Sauvignon Blanc so I bought it – it was not very expensive either. I remembered that it was sort of in the sub-$20 region.





For the evening, we went to see the sunset by the Glenelg Beach. Suffice to say, the sunset was very, very pretty, though the restaurant was fairly disappointing (which was probably an understatement).




We had the dinner at a causal dining place in the Oaks Plaza Pier, which was a hotel/service apartment sort of place. The food was reasonably priced but the quality was lacking to say the least.

The oysters were okay – they were not very fresh, though.


Probably a failure when your best dish is garlic bread. Sort of a yardstick we hold airlines’ food to account, too, interestingly.


I went for the beef steak fillet, which was not tender, overcooked, and impossible to cut through. I always thought you could not really go wrong with Australian beef, but I stood corrected there (well, I sat corrected?)


The only saving grace of the restaurant was a very extensive wine list and the wines were fairly reasonably priced. We ended up having two whites from Tomich: I love the names of the wine

Rhyme and Reason Pinot Grigio: very, very fruity


Wing of a Prayer Sauvignon Blanc


Slightly tipsy, I called it a day. It was a lovely day.


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