Singapore to London on SQ Next Generation Economy

This is a short continuation of my review of SQ’s next generation economy product from Hong Kong to Singapore. After touring around Terminal 3 of Singapore’s Changi Airport, I dragged my tired body back to gate B10 – the last gate of concourse B, far away from the Krisflyer Gold Lounge (which you can use if you are a Star Gold member, but if you hold a Business ticket, you can use the fancier lounge).

To be honest, nothing to write home about with the lounge and apologises for the lack of pictures. I had some fish congee for supper in the lounge and stuck with my favourite pineapple juice.

One of Singapore Airport’s unique characteristics is that security checks are conducted at gate, rather than at a centralised checkpoint. So, after you are checked, you enter a confined holding area to wait until your flight calls for boarding. No priority lanes at security checks nor at boarding pass checks – but the lines were short as I arrived rather late (half past midnight for a flight departing 10 past 1, late because the gate has been opened for long enough to digest the lines!)

For the first time in a lounge like this (unlike the gate areas of A1-5 for instance, where boarding passes are checked before boarding), the gate agent actually rather religiously enforce priority. Star Alliance Gold members are once again forced to board with Premium Economy passengers.

Short fiasco: the passenger in front of me pulled off a drunk trick so he got a three-seater to himself, and sent his neighbours to the two seats next to me, which would have been blocked otherwise. But I still got a good window seat, hence no complaints! And the crew dealt with it really well, and the flight departed more or less on time.

I skipped supper, but the menu:

Cajun Spiced Chicken Salad to start

Choose from Braised Beef Brisket or Oriental Barbecued Pork or Indian prawn curry

Mango Mousse Cake to end

I had outstanding sleep until 3 hours prior to landing, which was decent. The seat was very, very comfortable as I mentioned in my previous post, but one can only sleep so much.

We were soon served breakfast:I chose to go for the Singapore Nasi Lemak

It was excellent. It was my first time having this dish, but there were lots to commend on this dish: the fish was crispy and the egg was not overcooked. Similarly, the rice was not cooked to burn – which was a hallmark of skillful cooking on the FA’s part.

At this time, the sun rose above Eastern Europe

We reached Western Europe when breakfast was taken away from us.

The Alps in the morning

Approaching London…

Still some morning mist on Kent and Essex

Sorry for a short report. But in sum, SQ once again delivers. A very comfortable product with decent width (19 inches) and legroom (32 inches). Sure, there have been cost cuts to the Economy service (e.g. only two choices for breakfast, no more cheese), but SQ remains superior in my opinion. Sad that this would be the last time I fly with SQ in a very long time.


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