A Transatlantic Odyssey Part 2: British Airways 747 Upper Deck Club World Boston to London

After a few lovely days in Boston, it was time to carry on my travels. As mentioned in Part 1, I bought World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) and used 24,000 avios to upgrade the segment to Club World. Originally, I booked myself on the last service of the day – a short redeye service which was operated by a Boeing 747. I upgraded the flight for the chance to fly upper deck (not to mention it was one of the best deals out there!) but in September the aircraft was swapped out for a refurbished Boeing 777-200. Luckily, the flight also moved 5 minutes in the schedule so I could ask for a change in flights. I moved to the following morning departure, which was in retrospect, a lot better. I managed to catch some sleep the night prior and was able to enjoy the flight without the fear of not sleeping!

I woke up at 4:30 am in Cambridge (MA) and got on an Uber for 5 am. I arrived at Terminal E of Boston Logan Airport by 5:20 am, which was very good speed. There was no wait in the Gold/First Class line and I was checked in very quickly. I did not check in a bag but needed to obtain my onward boarding passes. The agent was quick and also gave me an introduction to the Boston lounge. Boarding would be from the lounge – what a novel concept!

A very empty departure hall

I first visited my gate for an obligatory shoot

Then I visited the lounge

And you can indeed board from the lounge

I did not take pictures of the lounge offerings. It was very underwhelming to say the least – but I suppose this would be the norm for a morning departure. There were standard breakfast items, some fruits and some lacklustre pastries. I had a banana and got a glass of sparkling water – and just read until departure.

Priority was enforced. First passengers boarded first, then Gold members, then Club World etc. I was the first one to go on the stairs into the upper deck

My seat is 62K – exit row, so it is a window seat with direct aisle access and a longer bed (sweet!)

The route today

My view

Champagne offered in the morning!

Menu was offered. The Purser soon came back and took my order for Brunch. I overheard many people going for the risotto and many people were asked to pick a second choice. I chose the risotto and was told that would be fine. In fact, I have read so much about the abysmal loading of food for BA flights, and I think only 2 risottos were loaded for the upper deck today… Here, my Gold status paid off.

The load in Business Class was really low – about 20% in the main deck, and about 45% in the upper deck. Everyone has at least a pair of seats and most elected to sit in the window seat. We pushed back a few minutes before schedule

A long taxi followed

Beautiful sunrise to see me off

Take off

Area of UMass

Even with an on time departure, we were still projected for a late arrival – unusually weak winds across the Atlantic this week, I think. I did not mind too much – gave me more time to enjoy the flight anyways

A hot towel was offered

The Purser came over and took orders for drinks. I went for the Rose Champagne and she came back with some nuts

Soon after I finished my drinks, my breakfast tray was brought to me. It did not feel mechanical at all. I guess with the little load, the cabin crew could tailor the service to the pace of the customers. I chose the antipasti plate with the yogurt.

The amount of fish in the risotto was a dismay but the risotto was one of the better mains I have had on a plane!

Soon enough, I was very tired and I made my bed. I used an extra blanket as a mattress and got an extra pillow. I managed to sleep for 2 hours – not bad! The seat is really private, which is a massive plus!

I woke up with about 2 hours left

And the sun is setting – this is one of my shorter days!

I managed to get a picture on the stairs!

One thing I do like about BA is that a Club Kitchen is consistently present on any Club World flights, including the much shorter Moscow flights. There were lots of snacks available. I took a fruit plate and a crunchie

While watching the Big Bang Theory…

With 1 hour 15 minutes to go, I was offered an arrival snack. Tomato with mozzarella and a brownie. I had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with it. It was great – I would appreciate a choice on the cold plate though!

Bread was not proactively offered though. I asked and the cabin crew heated some bread rolls for me

And a Buck’s Fizz to celebrate a successful expedition!

We were descending by the time the meal wraps up


Last look at the upper deck

Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable flight. The novelty of flying upper deck of a Boeing 747 notwithstanding, the flight showcased the very best of BA services. A very personalised meal service, with above par food and beverage. The cabin crews were very good at not disturbing our rest, and always ready to serve. The seat is, despite all criticisms, very comfortable. I am really glad I was on a day flight so I enjoyed the flight to its fullest extent.


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