My transpacific odyssey Part 4: CX543 Business Class Tokyo Haneda to Hong Kong

Part 1: HKG-NRT CX504 (Business Class) and the Pier First Class lounge (Here)

Part 2: NRT-LAX JL62 (Business Class), JAL First Class lounge, QF LAX First Class lounge, LAX-DEN AA (Economy Class) (Here)

Part 3: DEN-ORD AA2312 (Economy Class), United Polaris Lounge, ORD-HND NH111 (First Class) (Here)

Part 4: HND-HKG CX543 (Business Class) and the Cathay Pacific Haneda Lounge revisited (You are Here)

Last we left off, I arrived into Tokyo Haneda Airport from Chicago on ANA’s First Class. It was 9 pm when I cleared immigration and picked up my luggage, and I met up with a friend of mine for a quite supper before heading to the airport hotel. I fell asleep right away but woke up at about 6:30 am – way too early the 10:45 am departure (FYI: my alarm was set for 8:45 am). I guess it was the jetlag that was keeping me awake. I did not mind much as I could just hang around in the airport.

CX543 is the first of the two flights Cathay runs to Hong Kong from Haneda – usually in regional configuration. I booked it so I could get home earlier (I arrived back to Hong Kong on Wednesday and would need to be off to Europe in Sunday!) or else I would have definitely booked on the later service – CX549 – for the 77W service. A few months prior the flight, it was changed to a three-class 777-300ER in long-haul configuration! I was elated and it was the only flight that week that has a long-haul configuration.

I ended up taking the 7:30 am shuttle back to the airport and I spotted my bird on the way!

Cathay Pacific shares Aisle J with China Southern – but as an OneWorld Emerald, I am allowed to use First Class check-in, which had no queue as per usual.

I tried to use fast track security check but only First Class passengers are allowed. I explained that I was an OneWorld Emerald and a BA Gold card holder, and they let me in regardless.

I first used the JAL First Class lounge, which was very crowded.

I needed to call someone on Skype so I migrated to the Cathay Pacific lounge

I ordered a wonton noodles which was as good as ever. Really hit the spot

And a flat white to wake me up

I arrived at the gate just a few minutes prior to boarding time

My chariot today

The First Class is as empty as ever – so I was first on the plane

Seat today is 23K

Champagne to start

Just over 5 hours flight time

Even with an on time departure from the gate, we were going to run late against a 5:15 block time.

The reason to pick a seat on the right for departure from Haneda is Mount Fuji

The meal service started soon after

My usual – Perrier and G&T

More nuts

To start:

Serrano ham, tomato mozzarella timbale, glazed fig and basil sauce

Seasonal salad and yuzu dressing

Buckwheat soba and nameko mushroom

Champagne Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Brut

Followed by: Hokkaido style seafood, miso sauce, seasonal vegetables and aona Japanese rice

It is getting cloudy outside

Cheese and fruit

Green tea ice cream, of course

The flight is progressing

The meal service concluded just after we left Kyushu – it was excellent. Japanese catering is really good and the service was quick and efficient.

I then put my seat down and snoozed until we were 30 minutes out

The flight route today

Parked next to a Qatar A350-900

I got my suitcase within 15 minutes of arriving – HK efficiency

I was tired after the flight so I headed home and snoozed until the following morning. Yet Cathay more or less delivered an excellent flight. No complaints and thus concluding my transpacific odyssey of my Christmas/New Year break.


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